Flower bach based for specific temporal psycho-emotional states in adults


Shyness is one of the most complicated states that affects the universe of personal relations. It is considered a behavior that limits the social development of those who suffer from it, in the diverse area of their daily lives.
It is a state of uneasiness caused by the expectations of possible negative consequences from elating with others.
If shyness is experimented frequently, it promotes an alteration of the person’s normal functioning and it blocks the person from keeping open social relations, showing their full potential, making decisions, saying what they think, and other actions in an environment where too many people are involved.
This formula promotes self-trust, reduces or eliminates the feeling of anticipated failure that generally comes with shyness. It lowers anxiety and distress levels.
de fracaso anticipado que generalmente acompaña a la timidez. Baja los niveles
de ansiedad y o angustia.
It helps us perceive the environment as safer. It also helps us to reduce or eliminate the feelings of “shame” that prevents us from participating.


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