What do Bach flowers do?

The doctor. 38 The healing Bach found that these flowers have in their DNA, information that helps reverse negative emotions and personality characteristics that can affect the course of our lives, such as fear, anxiety, impatience, intolerance, arrogance, among others.

The healing power of flower essences properties were discovered by the English physician Edward Bach in the 1930s Going forward, as a deserved recognition, this group of 38 essences became identified with his name, "Bach Flowers".

These essences, when ingested, replace these negative emotions by its opposite positive vibration. For example; fear into love, anguish into inner peace, impatience into patience, intolerance and arrogance into acceptance and humility.

In addition, Bach discovered that underlying all physical illness lies an unresolved emotional conflict and that the symptoms experienced by the individual is nothing more than a call from Soul to take care of these repressed and unresolved issues.

The person when taking these essences, allows the hidden contents of the conflicts that cause disease, to be revealed from the subconscious level into the conscious mind, in this way, with the help of the corresponding essences, solving the issues, achieving inner peace that will also bring physical and emotional healing.

Our formulas have been designed for the most common problems of today, such as fatigue and stress, depression, anxiety, indecisiveness, deconcentration, demotivation and disinterest, fears and panic, among others.

We have three lines: ADULTS, CHILDREN AND PETS.

We can ensure that our products are made using the highest standards of preparation using only the best raw materials and certified flower essences.

In ALTIUSwe have put together all the love of nature in our lines of formulas, so the invitation is to enjoy in the safest way, free from side effects and no chances for overdose,; the benefits from the products we have developed for your physical and emotional health, thus, achieving harmony and well-being for your body and spirit.



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