Flower bach based for specific temporal psycho-emotional states in adults


People who suffer from panic attacks or severe distress feel suddenly terrified without a specific reason. During the panic attack some very intense physical symptoms are present: tachycardia, difficulty breathing, tremors or dizziness. Panic attacks manifest as episodes that interrupt suddenly and unexpectedly, without an apparent reason, and are accompanied by symptoms associated with fear, as tachycardia, difficulty breathing, tremors or dizziness, instability, sweating, vomiting and nausea. At times, the crisis is complemented by feelings of strangeness of the self, a perception of unreality and non-recognition of the environment.
This formula helps the person regain their state of harmony and inner peace, reducing or eliminating the distress and feelings of terror and fear.
Indicated for severe distress, intense fear, or paralyzing terror, commonly associated with panic attacks or harrowing experiences. It is also a great help when feelings of anger, fury and the sensation of “losing control” over our actions arise. Indicated for the moments when fear does not let us enjoy life, controlling our thoughts and influencing our decision-making abilities from the day to day actions to our core beliefs.


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