Dad forever


Formulas elaborated based on Certified Flower Essences, designed for children’s issues


Once the separation has been carried out and it is the dad who leaves the family home, the formula Dad forever allows the child to experience this shift in a less traumatic and violent manner.

Depending on the causes and development of the break up that ended up with the father leaving, this formula may diminish or eliminate the feelings related to the uncertainty provoked by the absence of the father.

The masculine role is often associated with protection and comfort, and this formula helps the child feel better about the father’s absence.

Frequently, children fear the dad’s abandonment may be forever. The Dad foreverformula helps the child keep a healthy emotional field, having the confidence that, in spite of the parents’ breakup, the bond between a dad and his children is unbroken and must not, necessarily, be affected by this separation.

This formula promotes the feeling of unconditional love, it heals emotional wounds, helps to forgive, and live with acceptance of what has happened.

 It helps deprogram other conflicts related to the absence of a father figure or when it is represented as an authoritarian or violent figure.

An important aspect of this formula is its contribution as a “mood regulator” giving, despite circumstances, faith, joy, and enthusiasm towards life.

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