Mom forever


Formulas elaborated based on Certified Flower Essences, designed for children’s issues


Once the separation has been carried out and it is the mom who leaves the family home, the consequences for children might go even deeper.

Children’s dependency on a mother figure is well-known. The absence of this figure might produce insecure children and adults, with a chronic feeling of emotional dissatisfaction.

When this lack goes untreated, the adult might be presented with an insecure personality, feelings of unworthiness, shyness and few abilities when approaching women, a feeling of dissatisfaction related to the affective needs that may lead to, for example, experiment with many partners without actually bonding deeply.

Hypochondria is a personality trait that is usually found when these people enter their adult life. These adults frequently show self-centered habits.

The formula Mom foreverpromotes the feeling of unconditional love that is expected from a mother figure, it contributes emotional comfort through inner peace, safety and trust in the environment and themselves, reducing the possible fears of the personality traits mentioned earlier.

This formula is a great help dissolving other conflicts related to the mother figure, giving calm, relief, peace, and resources related to self-restraint.

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