Flower based formulas specially designed for children problems


La palabra “Bullying” proviene del idioma holandés y significa “acoso”
In our country, this is a fairly new concept, but its numbers are rising; more and more children suffer from it, there have even been cases that have gone to the news with serious consequences. On the same note, this problem has been detected on all spheres of public life, not only on specific socioeconomic statuses or related to a specific gender, although it tends to be more frequent in men.
When we talk about bullying cases, we are talking about aggressive episodes, both physical and verbal aggressions, that do not stop, that are unbearable and that happen for an extended period of time, generating psychological damages on the victim and on the aggressor.
Bullying also provokes the social exclusion of the affected child, because the child ends up being ignored, isolated and rejected by the classmates.
The Strength formula promotes an attitude of security and trust, reinforcing the affected child’s self-esteem and trust.
It reduces fears and discomforts that paralyze the possible answers to these aggressions.
A vital contribution in this formula is the strength and determination it gives the child, so they can have the ability and strength to communicate what is happening. Many times, it is
the victim’s silences what motivates the aggressor.
It reduces the emotional tension generated by the feelings of powerlessness, anger and frustration that arise from these episodes.
This formula promotes the feeling that, in spite of these aggressions, there is an inner refuge where they can find peace, support and security they need to face these episodes, motivating the normal development of self-protection, which will be a great help in their adult life.
Reparación de la autoestima, confianza en si mismo, tranquilidad, fuerza y determinación para expresar ante sus profesores, padres o adultos a cargo, la agresión de la que se está siendo víctima. Desarrollo de recursos de auto-protección y coraje.

Sugerencia de toma: Cuatro gotas cuatro veces al día.


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