Adapting to change


Formulas elaborated based on Certified Flower Essences, designed for children’s issues


Life is a constant change and when we can’t adapt, stress arises with many kinds of consequences.

During childhood, this experience is usually lived much more dramatically, given the fact that we have not yet learned how to process these issues.

For a short period, children go through different changing experiences.

The first important experience of separation happens when the child “leaves” the home to go to pre-school (nursery, kindergarten), a place where they will depend on other people for their learning and living and, at the same time, they have to interact with other children that are going through the same experience. It is common for children to cry on their first days of school, showing high levels of fear, uneasiness, and stress, due to the fact that the child might interpret this act as abandonment from the parents.

After pre-school comes the time for children to go to school, where the level of demand rises and they also have more contact with a variety of people.

The formula Adapting to change is useful in any kind of experience, for example, when the first teeth start appearing, after the loss of these teeth, when the final teeth appear, change of school, moving out of the house or the neighborhood.

It soothes the processes and helps have a more flexible attitude towards life events, reduces the anxiety levels that come with these experiences and promotes an attitude of acceptance, thus reducing the levels of stress.

It generates a state of acceptance, instilling a feeling of harmony, flexibility, and calm in our emotional sphere.

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