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A TEMPER TANTRUM is a violent reaction without a clear or important cause; it may affect a child in any age, normally when faced with an uncomfortable situation: making the child do something they don’t want, or the other way around, stopping the child from doing something they do want (for example a candy or sweet, permission for something, etc)
A TEMPER TANTRUM is also expressed by the generalized agitation of the body, frequently expressed through violent movement of the legs and arms, high-pitched and out-of-control screams, aggressive and furious crying, yelling out insults, etc.
The origin of temper tantrums is directly linked to something the child has not yet been able to do, get or express, so it creates this frustration.
More often than not, these children believe they are not sufficiently loved or heard – sometimes it is the truth –, so they become very demanding of affections, attention and love.
Sometimes, when there are more children in the family, they become the reason why these children act this way, because of possible jealousies and competition between the members of the family.
It is important to do everything in our power to help the child go over this stage of temper tantrums, because when left to their own devices could result in adults incapable of coexisting peacefully with others.
The Live in Harmony formula helps reduce the intensity, duration, and frequency of the emotional overflow, main components of the temper tantrums. On the same note, the formula harmonizes anger and frustration, that are components of these episodes as well.
It heals jealousy originated from the affective deficiency, be it real or imaginary, jealousy that derives in anger and rage that trigger the emotional overflow, which is the fuel of every temper tantrum. Tranquility, comfort, affective and emotional satisfaction.

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